Beautiful Websites at Modest Prices


How it works

Building a CMS website for you and helping you maintain it

When we have built the website for you you will be able to update yourself using an easy, clear text editor. You get there using your own username and password so everything is secure. No need to worry about getting stuck as we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for you or your trusted volunteer (like the one we have here). If you are not keen on doing updates, however, and don't trust anyone else to do them, we will do them for you whenever you need them done. You can certainly trust us!

We can teach you by email with instructional movies tailor made just for you showing you every step in the process. We are also available if you want to call day or evening for advice and support. We can step in if you need a bit of extra help in times of need when you are going on holiday and the trusted volunteer has gone missing. We might even contact you if we see you are having a spot of trouble and offer to help.

In other words we are there for you and never run away!